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The Real Deal With Sony Laptop Parts

Over the years, Sony laptops are used for multimedia purposes such as video and audio recording and photo editing. Even though Sony is not that popular in releasing cheap laptops, they are continuously crossing the boundaries of multimedia technology with their Sony laptop parts. The Sony Vaio FW laptop’s weight is 6.4 lbs with 16.4″ […]

Revealing Parts Of A Laptop

Before considering buying a laptop, buyers must research first for the brand of laptops that suits their needs and wants. Still, it does not end there. A laptop is considered the same as a desktop computer. It is but the laptop is considerably more sensitive than the desktop computers. So as a laptop user it […]

Revealing Gateway Laptop Parts

Gateway is considered as one of the most popular laptop manufacturers over the world. It always combines elegance with excitement. The gateway laptop parts is the reason for achieving such a highly award by the users. The Gateway’s M-150XL is the extra large in its M-series. It has 2048 MB RAM and Intel Core 2 […]

Most Commonly Used Laptop Parts

Just like any other digital computers, laptops contain the four basic elements: arithmetic and logic unit, memory unit, input-output unit and control unit. All of these are very important to the users because they hold the most commonly used laptop parts. One of the various methods of entering information into the laptop is through its […]


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